Apparently wearable sensor technology are going to be a big hit over the next decade. You'll be able to wear them either directly on your skin or within a textile article and measure various physical performance parameters.
Golf Refugees are particularly interested in wearable chemical sensors as they can detect via your sweat the presence of any toxic heavy metals.
Various toxic metals are soluble in sweat; Antimony (Sb), Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg).
Toxic heavy metals are used in modern sportswear primarily for textile dyes and pigments.
Chromium and nickel found in blue, navy, turquoise, green and grey metal-complex dyes. Copper and nickel found in turquoise and brilliant green shades in reactive dyes. Copper found in blue, green, grey pigment prints. Cadmium found in yellow, orange, red and green dyes. Lead and Mercury present in many pigments.

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