A Coleman tent has a warning that it contains known carcinogens. Retailer said it was due to the polyester used in the fabric and that unless customers are consuming the fabric, it is safe to use.

There is little to fear from the polyester itself – it is the processing of the polyester in which chemicals that are carcinogenic are introduced. It may be the dyes used, it may be the yarn texturizers (often BpA) in the polyester yarns, or it could be something else. But since there are over 2,000 chemicals used in textile processing it is difficult to identify the carcinogenic chemicals used in this particular polyester tent. But as the tent comes with a warning, something that manufacturers will try desperately to avoid, they are there.

Which made us think that sportswear brands should consider a similar label warning 'contains cancer causing chemicals' on children's polyester based apparel?

Hey kids, don't suck your sport shirts.

Source: OEcotextiles

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