Instead of making New Year resolutions here are some of our golf wishes for 2015 and beyond;

A percentage of new golf balls and other equipment to be made from recycled materials. Materials that have actually been recycled and not just materials that is recyclable. A new golf ball could be made from 75% virgin and 25% recycled materials.

Unrestricted equipment category for amateur and recreational golfers.

Major golf championships to be awarded to future venues that can provide evidence of annual reductions in both water and synthetic fertilizer usage.

Changes to a tournament week; where professional golfers have less practice time on the course and more time allocated too provide lessons and advice to young golfers.

New alternative formats for golf to be introduced on major tours. We would like to see a street golf event in any major city on the PGA or LPGA tours.

Fashion brands to provide consumers with information regarding chemicals, pollution and wages from producing their clothing.

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