Your typical golf tournament week is a couple of practice days followed by a pro-am then four competitive days with a cut after two rounds played over an 18 hole championship course.

Play is getting slower for pros, 5-6 hours to complete 18 holes of tournament golf. Meanwhile at grass roots level younger golfers are deserting golf in droves. What should be done, if anything?

Is it the responsibility of the pros and major tours to help grass roots golf or are they just above all of that?  Time after time we hear from the governing bodies of golf that we all pay the same game with same equipment. But with work and family commitments, is taking at least fours hours to play golf any kind of solution for the fast-paced-digital-generation?

Change is always resisted and tradition will always be a powerful constraint.

However Golf Refugees believe the tours and governing bodies should reach out and start an open discussion to think about the unthinkable.

So please let us have your thoughts on how the tours could better reflect the needs of the next generation of golfers.

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