It may seem implausible that when you settle down for a lovely fish meal washed down with a bottle of beer, we are also consuming microfibres from modern synthetic textiles.

Here’s the science bit. Each time you wash your polyester sport shirt 1,900 microfibers are rinsed off, eventually making their way into our oceans to be mistaken for plankton by marine creatures that are consumed by the fish we catch and eat. The sheer quantity of these toxic plastic microfibres, which are non-biodegradable and capable of sticking around for hundreds of years have also been found inside your favourite bottles of beer.

Naturally the published research in 2011 was ignored by the leading sportswear brands. Nike were specifically asked to participate and help find a solution to this problem, but it was obviously too big a fish to fry.

Please note golf refugees ‘eat my shirt’ tees are made from biodegradable natural fibres which do not fragment when washed.

Bon appetit.
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