We are making steady progress on GRASS - Golf Refugees Aero Slotted Spoiler

Here is one of our early CAD model images. Our next 'driver' will have the ability for golfers to attach a crown surface and a sole surface spoiler to the club head. Both spoilers will be 3D printed components. The 'Grass' driver contains side slots where spoilers can be attached, golfers will have the option to use both, or one or no spoilers. The slotted areas for the spoilers on the driver can be covered when unused by 3D printed caps.
The main functionality of the spoilers are to accelerate airflow over the crown and sole surfaces to reduce the large pressure drag area (wake) at the rear of the golf club head. All driver club heads are bluff bodies with high drag coefficients. Think of them as a 'brick' on the end of the golf shaft.
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