Would you wear nettle? A hundred years ago German uniforms were made from nettle fibres. Nettles can grow on poor quality land /soil without the use of pesticides. The fibre is very strong in tensile, has elastic qualities and natural anti bacterial and flame retardant properties. We are currently investigating the opportunity to use nettle fibres in sportswear. With the objective of producing a lower environmental impact shirt with fewer toxic chemicals.

The dominant fibres today are cotton (non organic) and polyester. They also happen to be the most environmentally damaging; high pesticide usage for growing cotton, petroleum derived polyester with toxic heavy metals and additional chemical finishers. We need to divest funding into forgotten fibres such as nettle which are more environmentally friendly.

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  1. There are plenty of poly / cotton blends but how about poly / nettle? A recycled polyester nettle mix would have a lower environmental footprint and contain fewer toxic chemicals.