Several weeks ago I sent the following e-mail to Adidas. So far they have refused to answer any of the questions.

Apparently all of their Social & Environmental Affairs Team are all on vacation at the same time.

Dear Adidas,

I have a new Adidas Climacool sports shirt which states; 100% polyester made in China on the label.
Can I please ask the following specific questions with regard to individual substances used in Adidas polyester sports shirts;
Formaldehyde has recently been confirmed as a carcinogen linked specifically to nasal cancer and leukaemia. Adidas Restricted Substances List (RSL) states the use of formaldehyde. Can you please confirm this and explain the main function of formaldehyde in your polyester sportswear? Do Adidas have any plans to replace formaldehyde with a safer alternative in the near future?

Endocrine disruptor substances (EDC's) are a group of chemicals which according to the latest research can be effective even at very low doses. Can you again please confirm the use of EDC's and provide a list of the EDC's Adidas use and the function(s) they perform in your polyester sport shirts?

Kind regards,


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