Formaldehyde, a substance widely used in consumer products including textiles, has been authoritatively judged a carcinogen despite the best efforts of the chemical industry to confuse the issue. A panel of experts convened by the National Academy of Sciences found sufficient evidence from human studies to declare formaldehyde “a known human carcinogen” linked specifically to nasal cancer and leukaemia.

Brands that still use formaldehyde as an ingredient insist that it is safe.

Consumers have a vital role to play in persuading companies to remove known carcinogenic and other toxic chemicals such as hormone disruptors from their consumer products.

Sports apparel brands; Nike, Adidas, Puma (and many others) all use formaldehyde in their apparel.

Textiles are treated with formaldehyde finishers to give them additional performance properties such as:

Anti-cling, anti-static, anti-wrinkle, and anti-shrink
Waterproofing and stain resistance
Perspiration proof
Moth proof
Mildew resistant

Just ask them; why are you still using a known carcinogen in my clothing?

Why would any consumer want to buy and play sport wearing textiles containing formaldehyde?

Sports media; printed and digital, all side with the brands and not you the consumers, for they rely on brands advertising revenue. So, unfortunately, it really is up to you to ask questions and persuade brands to change to safer alternatives.

After all it is your sweating skin and body.

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