“Since sometime after 2005 or so, the major companies were maxed out on distance, defined as a good hit going down the fairway. Compared to real technology like, for example cell phones, golf clubs are static and that’s just the way the USGA and R&A want it” – Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf

Golf Refugees agree with this statement. Unfortunately the current rules are designed to restrict professional golfers and not help the vast majority of golfers to enjoy golf. People who play golf as a hobby, with work and family commitments have insufficient time for practise and lessons. We need the latest technology; current golf equipment is 10 years behind what we should be using. It’s crazy and undemocratic. Why don’t we all call the rule makers bluff? I don’t give a damn about what’s in Rory’s bag. I want the latest technology which allows COR to reach the limits of physics and not the limits of a bunch of rules created to restrict a full time professional who’s been playing golf since the age of 4.

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