There’s plenty of lively debate on how to attract younger people to try golf and resolve some of the inherent issues surrounding golf; it takes too long, its too expensive, its too difficult for beginners……

Taylor Made CEO Mark King has suggested using a 15 inch cup to resolve golf’s problems. From the comments I've read there seems to be a reluctance to reduce the challenge golf offers to players.

Obviously when the CEO of major brand speaks people pay attention, hence I fully anticipate when Golf Refugees speak it will fall upon deaf ears. But here goes, why not allow golfers to use ‘BMX’ bikes to play golf? You could call it ‘BMX Golf’ or ‘Play’n Ride’.  I believe it would help speed up the game and also attract younger people play. Eighteen holes could be completed in under two hours and players would obtain a greater ‘work out’ within a shorter time to aid fitness You may feel it would be difficult to carry a full set of clubs and ride a BMX bike, but people perform amazing tricks of these bikes and you can always decide to carry fewer clubs. The great Seve proved you can obtain many of the skills you need to become a top player by practising with a single club.

BMX bikes are cool, and some of their coolness would rub off on golf. The only major hurdle I can foresee is the reluctance of clubs to allow BMX bikes on the golf course.

Could a BMX bike help save golf? Please let us know your thoughts. And if you have any contact with TaylorMade feel free to forward to Mark King.

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