Pic: QR 'lux' polo shirt

Barcodes or QR codes can be printed onto the outside of your clothes, as part of an integrated design, and when scanned using your smart phone reveal detailed information on how your clothes are made.

The QR code becomes the brand, a brand image based upon scrutinised supply chain information and not just a logo and image devised by creative marketing.

What information will our QR code contain?

For example;

Location of source fibre material.
Location of manufacturing facility.
Energy source for manufacturing
Textile workers pay - minimum wage or living wage?
Are unions permitted?
List of chemical ingredients.
Air and water pollution levels from manufacturing.
How to care for your garment?
How to dispose of your garment?
Links to web site and social media.

The primary objective of this information is to try and connect the consumer with how your clothes are made.

There is no need for us to put our brand name and logo on these interactive polo shirts. There is no need for us to hide away any labels on the inside.

All the information you require is on the QR code, which you can view prior and after purchasing.

There should be no more hiding for the fashion/lifestyle/sportswear industry on how your clothes are made.

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