At the start of the season and at set times during the year, golf professionals receive the latest apparel from their sponsored brands. Now you can feel and look just like your favourite golfer. At the very same time as your favourite professionals receive their new colours, patterns and styles we have arranged for the same brands to deliver to us. Imagine waking up in the morning and opening the latest shirts at the very same time as Tiger, Rory, Bubba, Adam, Justin, Jason, John, well perhaps not John. We can guarantee you will have exactly the same exploitative toxic fashion. Made is the same unsafe factory, by the same exploited young people and from the same fabrics laced with toxic chemicals.

Visit now and open your exclusive account. Each new account with exploitative toxic fashion dot com will automatically enter you into our sensational competitions. We will be attending all of the major championships and PGA tournaments; we’ll even visit the LPGA. And for the lucky winner, imagine standing next to Tiger at Augusta National, wearing identical apparel. You could almost be twins. Look, feel, even sound like him. You will remember that moment for the rest of your life. Discuss the technical innovations and conveniently ignore all of the devastating water pollution caused by dyeing your brightly coloured polyester sportswear. As well as an all expenses paid trip to Augusta. We've arranged a photographic feature of you in your new exploitative toxic fashion with a leading golf magazine and an interview on a major US sports network. Don’t worry, they will only ask you the same lame questions. Just to make you feel as if you were a professional golfer.

Now that you've joined the big boys club you don’t have to worry about the little people any more. You can exploit thousands of young female textile workers and feel great about it. Just like a pro.

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