If you ask Adidas customer service for a list of the ingredients used in their sport deodorants they will not tell you directly, they will not list them on their web site. Adidas will instead forward your enquiry to the company who actually make their deodorants; Coty; who also make anti-perspirants for other brands; Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Rimmel and Playboy.
Coty will not tell you either, they will not list the ingredients on their web site, instead they will tell you to contact the individual brands, or take a trip down to your local retailer. By law, brands have to list the ingredients of deodorants on the packaging. But what happens if you are purchasing on-line? You cannot see the ingredients before you buy.

Why are these brands so reluctant to tell you? Could it be they are using substances in their products they would rather not tell you about?

I thought sport was meant to be a healthy activity for all to participate. If you wear an Adidas (and others) sport deodorant and moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial polyester sport shirt you are in fact subjecting your sweating skin to interact with over 40 chemicals. That is just by wearing two sport products. Leading sport brands have turned sport into a chemical factory. Some of the 40 plus chemicals used are listed as skin irritants, some are hormone disruptors and others are even stated as carcinogenic.

I'd rather play sport naked than subject my body to untested combinations of toxic chemicals. How crazy is that? It’s time to ignore the marketing spiel and find out exactly what you are buying and wearing. Do Adidas and others really care about you and your children’s long term health?

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