If you've just bought some brightly coloured sports apparel for Christmas presents; do you know if they contain lead di-acetate and or azo-dyes; direct red 28, direct black 28? These hazardous chemicals have just been listed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as toxic to human reproduction and carcinogenic.

Probably a good idea to check with your favourite sportswear brand. Your skin interacts with chemicals contained in sports apparel through sweating. ECHA stated that these hazardous chemicals are of particular concern to women and children. Don’t get fobbed off by brands saying we only use very small amounts of these toxic chemicals. When the European Consumer Organisation tested polyester sports shirts they found 3 times the amount of lead than specified by a leading brand. Why are leading sportswear brands using any amount of damaging human reproductive and carcinogenic chemicals in sports clothing supplied to customers?

Merry Christmas.

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