When you think about consumer products which are potentially detrimental to health, anti-bacterial hand wash probably wouldn't be high on your list. You’d think washing your hands and body with anti-bacterial soaps is a good way to protect you and your family from germs. This just goes to show how important it is for consumers to become more aware and ask more questions of their favourite brands to disclose information on the chemicals they use in consumer products.

The anti-bacterial chemicals used in products have come under fire as they may be aiding the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and disrupting hormone levels, particularly in women and children said the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some experts have called anti-bacterial chemicals a public health threat.

The FDA are asking anti-bacterial hand and body wash brands to prove their products work better than soap and water and pose fewer health risks – that is not an easy task. If the companies can’t provide adequate proof, they’re going to have to reformulate the products, change information on packaging or stop making them altogether

There are many other consumer products which contain ant-bacterial, hormone disruptive chemicals including textiles. Any products which are used on a regular basis and have a greater interaction with your body containing these hazardous chemicals pose a potential long term health risk. Playing sports is regarded as being healthy for you and your family. But how about playing sport wearing sports apparel containing anti-bacterial, hormone disruptive chemicals? Polyester is widely used as the fabric by leading sportswear brands, a good choice because of its durability and being inexpensive to manufacture. However, polyester has a major disadvantage for sports apparel, it retains body odour, even after washing. Hence polyester sports apparel is treated with anti-bacterial chemicals. Sports apparel interacts with your body via your largest organ; your skin, through sweating.

Consumer need to start asking questions of their favourite brands to disclose information on the hazardous chemicals used in their products. For example there is a complete lack of consumer information in regard to hazardous chemicals used in polyester moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial sports apparel.

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  1. Dear Nike, Adidas and Puma,

    For all of your customers at Christmas. How about listing, on your web sites, all of the anti-bacterial, hormone disruptive chemicals you use in your polyester moisture wicking anti bacterial sports apparel?