How about a 3D printed ‘driver’ club head?

The design would be available for free. You only have to use either your own 3D Printer or a 3D Printing bureau to print the metallic components.

Unlike today, where you buy a complete ‘driver’, you would have to assemble all of the parts. How do you feel about this? One advantage could be if any of the parts become damaged it can be easily replaced by printing another.

I envisage a front striking face with all of the curvature / angles; bulge, bounce, loft and a space frame. The space frame could be a single unit, or be a number of components which can be fixed together. My understanding is the rules of golf require club heads to be enclosed; a thin film could be used to cover the space frame. Lightening holes can be used to reduce the overall weight of the metallic space frame.

A component to locate and secure the golf shaft again could be built into the space frame or be a separate component.

Parts of the space frame can be designed to hold additional weights, which can be fixed or slide along.

Securing the front striking face to the space frame is one of the more problematic areas because of the substantial forces, durability and obtaining 0.836 COR for the design. Additional complexity could be included where the front striking face can be made adjustable for various angels by using movable components which fit inside the front of the space frame.

Please give me your thoughts and get in touch if you’d like to help make it happen.

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