Despite its fashion-forward claims, Nike has made little progress since its Detox commitment in 2011. The company has no credible plan to eliminate priority hazardous chemicals; it refuses to recognise the critical principle that there are no environmentally acceptable levels of hazardous chemicals and is unwilling to embrace a transparency revolution across its global supply chain. What does Nike have to hide?

Greenwashers like Nike continue to use the ineffective Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) industry group as a smokescreen to mask their lack of individual action and ambition to clean up our clothes. These fashion fakes are hiding behind weak commitments whilst portraying themselves to consumers as fashion conscious, industry leaders.

Nike refuses to be held accountable for its toxic problem and continues to champion a commitment lacking the credibility, ambition and individual action that we urgently need. Nike, it’s time to come clean, stop greenwashing and, when it comes to Detox, Just Do It.

Two years after it crossed the line as one of the original Detox pioneers, Adidas has failed to credibly follow through on its Detox commitments. The company has yet to eliminate any of the priority chemicals from its supply chain and does not clearly recognise the crucial principle that there are no environmentally acceptable levels of hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, Adidas does not consider the importance of the public’s “Right to Know” about the release of these chemicals by any of their supply chain facilities, Adidas continues to ignore its individual corporate responsibility.

What’s worse, Adidas still claims to be a toxic-free hero. Hiding behind the ineffective paper commitments of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) group, Adidas presents itself as a fashion-forward leader. In reality, Adidas has become an obstacle to progress by lowering the level of Detox ambition, holding back the fashion leaders and using the ZDHC as a greenwash screen to avoid taking the tangible, effective and necessary individual actions needed to Detox their global supply chain.

It is time Adidas stopped greenwashing and went all in for Detox.

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