This is Beijing; people actually play golf in Beijing, even tour players have to play there, though they do wear smog masks on the fairways.

China is one of the few expanding areas for golf.

When you manufacture lots of western consumer goods using high polluting coal fired power stations, this is what happens.

It doesn't matter who you are, if you wear and play golf with gear made this way you are part of the problem.

To become part of the solution you could wear golf apparel made by renewable energy which reduces harmful CO2 emissions by 90%.

Golf Refugees 2014 apparel only for people who give a damn.

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  1. If you look through golf magazines its all blue skies, green grass and white teeth. There is a legitimate alternative story to tell of how sports apparel is made; causing widespread air and water pollution. Somewhat ironic that the products you use and wear to play sport to keep you healthy create so much pollution. I appreciate advertising usually portrays an ultimate image of positivity.

    I think the shirts are too visible in this picture, the smog levels should be higher. I also believe these polo shirts are a 'product of hope', because they are made in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner. At last some 'real' positivity.