What is climate change? Climate change is a balance judgement on the greenhouse gases generated by mankind and natural processes and the ability of planet earth to absorb these greenhouse gases to enable our climate to continue in a reasonably steady state for future generations.

The current state of affairs is that we are generating 50 billion tonnes annually and rising of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The balance judgement by Stern and other scientists is that CO2 emissions need to be reduced to 20 billion tonnes over the next 40 years to provide us with a 50/50 chance of limiting any temperature climate change to 2 degrees. Consequences of much high temperature change could result in mass population movement from areas left inhabitable.

Stern argues for greater energy efficiency and investment of 1-2% GDP in lower polluting technologies. He also advocates for the regeneration of degraded forests.

Now you may feel climate change is a load of hot air and I’m not going to try and persuade you otherwise. You can read the Stern report and others and decide for yourselves.

All I would argue for is why shouldn't we generate our energy needs in a more environmentally friendly way? Why should we manufacture consumer products in a highly polluting manner?

Do we as consumers wish to continue purchasing products which maximise pollution to maximise profits?

The above polo shirt by Golf Refugees in made by recycling 90% of its dye water and reducing CO2 emissions through using renewable energy by 90%.

We have suggested to the governing bodies of golf and tournament organisers that all officials and volunteers at golf events should consider wearing environmentally friendly shirts. Unfortunately these same events usually have apparel sponsors who manufacture their apparel in a more polluting way.

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