As a rule sportswear brands refuse to inform their customers which chemicals are being used to make their apparel. We've managed to persuade Puma to send us their 2013 Material Restricted List, where you can now compare which substances are used in Puma’s synthetic fibre; polyester, nylon and natural fibre; cotton clothing.

You may be very surprised to learn exactly what you are purchasing and wearing. As no apparel labels or apparel reviews ever contain this information.

Next time you see a picture of a sponsored athlete weaning a brightly coloured polyester outfit, you can now be knowledgeable in the fact they are actually wearing a cocktail of chemicals including; antimony, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, formaldehyde, chlorinated phenols, organotin compounds, nonylphenolethoxlates and more…………

To give you a better idea you can also ‘google’ the ones you haven’t heard of.

You can also be reassured that current EU regulations allow brands to use any amounts of these substances without having to test their finished adult and children’s apparel products.

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  1. Highly toxic lead has been removed from many consumer products because of the damage it causes to humans and the environment. Isn't it time for lead to be removed from sportswear, especially children's sports apparel?