If you’re planning on buying—and wearing—a Greenpeace T-shirt as a sign of solidarity, you’re out of luck. The environmental group says it’s suspending sales of all textile products until brands and suppliers are able to produce clothing without propagating hazardous chemicals throughout their supply chains. “As an organization we want to supply our supporters with T-shirts that change the world,” Greenpeace says in a statement. “But we will only be able to sell textiles again when the industry can produce toxic-free fashion.”

For the limited quantity of garments it needs to produce for campaigning purposes (“activists need clothes, too!” the group says), Greenpeace has drawn up a new “best-in-class” procurement policy it says will subject to regular reviews and updates.

All textiles purchased under the new global policy must be 100 percent organic, from fair-trade raw materials, and have Global Organic Textile Standard certification or its equivalent. Similarly, inks for printing must be toxic-free and have minimal environmental impact. “Anything else does not meet Greenpeace standards,” it adds.

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