The organisation Golfenvoorkika is hosting two golf days at the Crimpenerhout Golfcourse on Friday 12th & Saturday 13th July 2013 in Krimpen aan de Lek.  Sponsorship, money & fees from the event will be donated to the charity KIKA (A charity that works towards beating childhood cancer)

The idea for this event was bought about by Chris Teljeur and Titia Mouth, two happy and healthy 43 year olds.  Golfing is their passion which they enjoy playing at the Crimpenerhout Golf course.  They do not have children of their own but want other peoples children to be happy and healthy.  “It is unfair that these innocent children are confronted with this terrible disease and through KIKA we want to support these children & give them a future. The future is bright, so let these children experience it!” say Chris & Titia.

KIKA Donations
For every registration to play the 9 hole golf course 18 euros will be donated to KIKA.  For every registration for the Golf Clinic 8 euros will be donated to KIKA.
You can register via the website www.golfenvoorkika.nl and there are several different packages:
Package 1: 9 hole golf round, morning incl.  Luxury lunch: 42,50 euros per person
Package 2: 9 hole golf round, afternoon incl. 3 course dinner: 54,50 euros per person
Package 3: Golf Clinic, morning incl. Luxury lunch, use of clubs & golf balls: 29,00 euros per person (clinic is 1 hour)
Package 4: Golf Clinic, afternoon incl. 3 course dinner, use of clubs & golf balls: 41,00 euros per person (clinic is 1 hour).
Prices are excluding drinks

KIKA raises money for research into finding faster therapy solutions and for research into a cure of childhood cancer.  “Less pain and suffering, more healing and a better quality of life” is what KIKA stands for.

For more information please visit www.golfenvoorkika.nl or e-mail info@golfenvoorkika.nl

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