Golf Refugees believe no combinations of skin irritant and/or carcinogenic chemicals should be used in synthetic sports apparel until they are thoroughly tested. How about you?

If you would like to help persuade the Chemical Industry to test the toxicity levels for combinations of chemicals they supply to sport apparel brands, please support our campaign ‘Test your chemicals’


Chemicals used in sports apparel are only tested on an individual basis.
Synthetic (polyester/nylon) sports apparel can contain up to fifteen chemicals, which are used to increase the performance of the garment in terms of moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties. When you play active sport your largest organ 'skin' interacts with these chemicals through sweating.

Please join us to help persuade the relevant bodies to test the toxicity levels of combinations of chemicals used in synthetic sports apparel.

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  1. Who knew the same chemical used to disperse the Horizon oil spill disaster is also used as a 'stain remover' in synthetic sports apparel.

    The chemical is included in the moisture-wicking textile finish.

    Now, it maybe just me, but do they really need to include this chemical as part of their 'moisture-wicking' product? Or are they just adding as many chemicals as they can into this lucrative market?

    Time to start asking some questions as some of these chemicals are classified as hazardous.