When Apple removes a game from App Store it’s usually because one or more of the many rules has been broken. But in the case of Sweatshop HD, the game just made Apple uncomfortable.
Sweatshop HD was created by BAFTA-winning creative studio Littleloud. The players are tasked with running a sweatshop producing clothing and footwear. It is aimed at young people in a bid to get them thinking about where the clothes we buy come from and the conditions workers in some of these factories suffer.
Over its 30 levels the player has to deal with ever larger orders, more types of products to make, but also problems like fires, no toilets, unions, and employees getting tired or ill. It’s realistic because the choice of what to do–look after the workers or complete the orders–falls to the player, and hopefully teaches them the difficulties in balancing the two in the process.
For Apple though, such an educational game ended up being too uncomfortable for them to sell. Littleloud tried to get the game back by informing Apple that the charity Labor Behind the Label was involved to ensure everything being depicted was true to life.
Sweatshop HD remains missing from the App Store, though, and is unlikely to return. That seems totally unfair as it was educational and Apple’s response clearly shows it doesn’t want to deal with difficult issues.

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