Granted polyester is the most popular fibre used in sports apparel. I wonder why?
Do you know it takes annually 70 million barrels of oil to make your polyester fibre for textiles..
The same polyester abbreviated to PET, yes there are numerous varieties, is also used to make plastic drinking bottles. Handy for sports brands to make and provide you with both plastic clothing and plastic drinking bottles from the same source material. To manufacture PET you need to use a catalyst and the catalyst of choice, bonded into 85% of all sports apparel, is Antimony. Now, Antimony just happens to be a cancer causing heavy metal. But don't worry about that, as the chemical industry will tell you it is firmly bonded into the finished polymer. The only trouble is it is released into the environment as a gas; antimony trioxide during production and when incinerated for landfill.
So there you are, most of you are playing sport in plastic shirts, derived from petroleum, bonded with a cancer causing element. Isn't it refreshing to know what you are really wearing next to your skin and interacting with via sweating?
Funny how none of this is mentioned in sports apparel reviews or by sports brands or their sponsored athletes. Perhaps we all need to start asking questions about the sport apparel we endorse, if we want to leave a safer, less polluted environment for our children.


  1. So true, All the companies are making money-who cares about the environment- they all care, that what all they say- but the troth is- its all about money

  2. Well there are some brands such as Patagonia who seem to care. I hope you will try and persuade Fila golf apparel to provide your customers with 'real' information on all aspects of how your products are made. Thank you for your comments.