It’s a sunny day in the UK, Spring is coming.

After a cold winter it’s a great feeling to put on your golf shirts and feel the warmth of the sun on your back. And what could be better than knowing your shirts are made using wind and solar power. How many golf pros today will have the same feeling of wearing apparel which uses renewable energy resources? Instead of breathing fumes made from burning fossil fuels. Is that the future they wish to endorse and promote to their fans?

Golf Refugees carbon neutral polos fit for the 21 st Century.


  1. This is nice. How I wish I could see and have this product. How can I get one of these? I have mine at Golf Apparel.

  2. Thank you for your comments. Do you work for Dunning Golf? You have a very nice web site. Can I ask if you considered offering merino wool polo shirts or organic cotton polos? I see you offer Invista (DuPont) Coolmax polyester polo shirts. Are you considering using Coolmax Ecomade fiber? Do you think there is a need to provide your consumers with information regarding the chemicals used to make and coat polyester moisture-wicking fabrics?