‘Become an iconic figure in golf’ competition.

Do you dream of being an iconic figure in golf, following in the footsteps of your favourite player? Well, Golf Refugees are giving you the chance to break a 145 year-old golf record that will bring you the notoriety you deserve and put your name into the record books.
It’s true to say some golfers are more blessed with talent than others, but don’t let this hold you back. The Open is ‘open’ to all golfers to try and gain qualification into the one of the best golf tournaments in the world – The British Open. So this summer, take your bats and make history.
But how, I hear some of you say. Well, Golf Refugees golfing hero the late, great Maurice Flitcroft back in 1976 made history by recording the highest ever score of 121 shots in British Open qualifier at Formby.
Golf Refugees hereby summon all golfers to enter Open qualification and use their tenacity to post a higher score. To the winner, iconic golf status beckons.
To accompany your new found fame, Golf Refugees will chuck-in a Maurice Flitcroft button badge and even consider offering Maurice Flitcroft apparel in the form of polo’s & t-shirts.
Some encouraging words from our hero, who'd come to golf late after reading a Peter Alliss instruction manual;
"I discovered I really liked the game, and I picked it up pretty quick"

"I used to practice every night, sometimes for as much as an hour or two."

Occasionally, he wandered near a golf course. "I'd park at the perimeter and nip over the fence and hit a few shots."
He was 46 years old and living on Social Security. For that summer's Open, he borrowed the entry fee from his wife, Jean.
On the first tee; "Flitcroft hoisted it straight up, it came down vertically, and the ball traveled precisely four feet."
After bollixing the first tee shot, he abandoned his driver. "I got the 3-iron out and played safe, except I wasn't that great with the 3-iron. I should have used the 4-wood, but I'd left that in the car." Flitcroft added, wistfully, "I was an expert with the 4-wood, deadly accurate."
Nothing can stop you now. Not even the R&A.
To enter our ‘Become an iconic figure in golf’ competition. Just e-mail us your name and Open qualification venue, stating 'Become an iconic figure in golf'. Best of luck.


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