If Golf Refugees were the governing body of golf

1. Simplification of the rules of golf. Free drops would be omitted
2. Women and young members of governing body would be encouraged
3. Priority given to build or adapt new 6-9 hole golf courses located in urban areas
4. Current golf equipment dimensional and performance restrictions to be maintained for professional golfers
5. Golf equipment performance restrictions to be removed for all amateur and recreational golfers
6. All golf apparel brands to provide a list of ingredients
7. Funding to establish research and development into biodegradable ‘elastic proteins’ for future high performance golf balls
8. Major championships to be held on golf courses with an audited plan for sustainability with reduced water, chemical pesticides and fertilizers usage
9. Guidance and grants to renovate clubhouses and build new clubhouses with renewable energy; wind and solar power and compost toilets
10. Tournament golf to include more variety with joint events for male and female professional golfers and played on courses with 6 – 9 holes

Please let us know what you think

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