Have Golf Refugees been gagged?

This is the question we are asking from the owner of the No. 1 Golf Networking Group Online called Linked Golfers.

For some reason, all of our discussions and posts were removed this week, without any explanation. We are currently seeking an explanation.

Golf Refugees are members of numerous online golf groups where we post similar content. Hence we are a little bit baffled as to why our content has suddenly been black balled from this particular LinkedIn Group.

We appreciate that we do have a propensity to say things which the mainstream golf industry and brands do not agree with.

For example we feel that golfers and golf pros who wear polyester based moisture-wicking shirts are largely unaware of the toxic heavy metals and chemicals used to make such apparel. It just so happens that The European Consumer Organisation agree with us.

Our most recent posts concerned the rowdy crowd at the Ryder Cup, which we felt breathed life into tournament golf and we loved the golfers and spectators expressing themselves on the tees at Medinah.

It is also true to say that Golf Refugees UK have been in disputes with Nike and more recently Callaway Golf over product ideas. Golf Refugees designed the original heat-absorbing black golf ball only to find out that Nike launched a similar product a few years later in the USA.

Golf Refugees also designed the swept aerofoil hosel for a golf club head. Again we provided our wind tunnel test results, images plus our still active US design patent as proof to Callaway Golf and their London based lawyers.

But it seems when you are an irreverent voice the vested interests of the Golf Industry can still place a strip of gaffer tape across your mouth.

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