Just returned from a very enjoyable final day at Royal Liverpool Golf Club for the Ricoh British Women’s Open. Yes it was wet’n windy, but the course looked great and to watch the best women golfers tackle Hoylake in those conditions was a real treat.

Organisers tried to continue the theme of a ‘British summer of sport’ with appearances from Olympic medallist and Liverpudlian Beth Tweddle who performed cartwheels with Scottish golfer Carly Booth. And a once in a life time opportunity for golf stars to have their picture taken with the Queen sitting on her majestic throne.

As a Golf Refugee, I made a few wrong turns. Accidentally followed one of the marshals onto the course and ended up alongside the fairway, inside the ropes on the 8th hole. Ooops.
A near miss from an errant tee shot by golfer Hee-Won Han on the tricky par 3, 6th, straight into the stiff breeze. Many golfers under-clubbed here, this particular tee shot narrowly missed my woolly beanie covered head. I asked her Australian-sounding caddie which club she used, he replied "it doesn’t really matter; she hit it crap". Unfortunately for Han she also hit a poor chip shot onto the green and proceeded to smash her lob wedge into the ground in anger. Personally I don’t mind seeing this. Some players can bottle-up their frustrations others have to let it out.

I spent a few holes watching a couple of big hitters in the form of US teenage sensation Lexi Thompson and England’s statuesque Florentyna Parker. Two of the longest drivers on the tour. With modest spectator crowds, you could get up-close and even smell the perfume. Fortunately my stalker t-shirt was well hidden under various jumpers and water-proofs.

You can’t talk about women’s golf without mentioning the dominant Korean players. Why are they so good? Well, to me, they all seem to be great putters and have exceptional short games. Assassin's from 120 yards. But what the heck do I know. They are obviously doing something right and producing a generation of very talented young female golfers. 
Which begs the question are the R&A and British golf courses attitudes towards women golfers welcoming enough?

I managed to have a sneaky chat with a Korean players after the final round near the scoring tent, by shouting her name like an overzealous fan to grab her attention. We only had a few moments to share a couple of hand shakes and words before she headed off to her hotel for a night out in Liverpool.

Who knows, you may even see her wearing a Golf Refugees hand-dyed organic polo shirt at a future British Women's Open.

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