This year 2012, Callaway Golf thought of a 'new' concept called the ‘swept hosel’. Where they specify the leading top edge of the hosel is forward of the bottom edge.

Here is a picture taken from Golf Refugees very expensive wind tunnel model from 2005/ 06 of an aerofoil hosel golf club head which follows the forward angle of the golf shaft. This results in the leading top edge of the hosel being further forward than the bottom edge ie ‘a swept hosel’.

Golf Refugees designer Peter Gorse won a prestigious Audi Design Foundation Award for his aerofoil hosel golf club head. As part of the award Audi allocated a senior chartered engineer decorated by Her Majesty with an OBE for his services to engineering, Professor Richard S. Taylor OBE, to act as a mentor for the project.

This week Golf Refugees will ask Callaway's IP Counsel if they would like to receive a written account from this highly respected decorated chartered engineer to verify the prior art already forwarded by Golf Refugees with regard to the design and protection of the swept aerofoil hosel.


  1. I don't understand why the swept concept is better than the original? Is it designed for aerodynamics or interaction with the ball? It looks expensive and flashy but I'll want to see some reviews of it in action before I take it out onto the course and embarrass myself at Belmont Lodge Hotel, some of us have reputations to protect!

  2. Standard hosels for a golf club head are cirular in cross-section. An aerofoil section hosel would increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the golf club head. The dispute between Golf Refugees and Callaway Golf is all about who tested and proved the benefits of a swept aerofoil hosel. We believe we did several years before Callaway Golf. Swept refers to the top point of the hosel being further forward than the bottom point.