Dear Rebecca Hanovice, Intellectual Property Counsel Callaway Golf.

At the time of Callaway's 2012 US patent ‘golf club head with improved aerodynamic characteristics’ there was an active US patent, showing drawings of a ‘golf club head with an aerofoil shaped hosel’ developed by Golf Refugees.

Can you please explain why this active
US paper was not cited in Callaway's 2012 patent?

Happy to supply you with the relevant US Patent number(s) if required.

Here is what Callaway’s VP of Innovation & Design said to Golf Refugees via e-mail in 2006.

”I will be interested to hear what you may find in your wind tunnel testing. The club head is very large relative to the hosel, so it will be interesting to see if you can attribute drag or stabilizing effects to a single feature like that”

“Best of luck with the design work”


Golf Refugees

PS Callaway Golf has so far refused to answer this question


  1. Callaway golf made a request for 'prioritized examination' with the intention of speeding up the process if you are prepared to pay four or five times the usual filing fees. As far as we know the is the first time Callaway have made such as request on any of their previous patents.

  2. Callaway... by all appearances... is attempting to attract a younger, less traditional customer base. You'd think they would welcome the idea of partnering with The Golf Refugees and perhaps use the collaboration with a progressive, young, green, independent company to their advantage. Instead they push your idea through as their own? That's beyond duplicitous but unfortunately very much in keeping with the way many large US companies do things. Ironically, Callaway is involved in numerous long standing patent infringement lawsuits as the plaintiff.

    I'd be very interested to hear follow-up on this.

  3. Callaway Golf consider this matter as closed. But Golf Refugees will continue to seek answers from them. It is highly likely that Callaway will now use an aerofoil hosel on their future club heads.
    We are now asking for Scotty Cameron and Wally Ulheim to go public with their meeting with me to discuss my prototype composite golf club head featuring an aerofoil hosel. Our meeting took place in the Titleist motor home at St Andrews when John Daly won the Open.

  4. Callaway have changed their minds again. They now wish to talk and try and resolve any misunderstandings.

  5. What have they misunderstood?

  6. When is an aerofoil hosel not an aerofoil hosel?

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