This synthetic moisture-wicking men’s black golf tour polo shirt is the first sports apparel garment to show the consumer exactly what’s inside. On the front, if you look very carefully you should see a list of embedded heavy metals.

On the back you will see a list of the embedded chemicals.

Ethical brand Golf Refugees are working with the European Consumer Organisation to develop other ways of providing the consumer with more knowledge on which heavy metals and chemicals are used to make polyester based sports apparel with a moisture-wicking finish.

This is a voluntary act as there are no legal obligations for disclosure, but we are hoping to persuade other European brands to consider doing the same.

Consumers have a vital role to play and if they are interested in what's inside their sport shirts we ask them to contact their favourite sportswear brands.


  1. I like so much your golf polo tour shirt..It is really helpful with regards to team subject..We cannot deny that sportswear brands a wet type clothe.

  2. This is the only synthetic moisture-wicking golf tour polo shirt that informs the customer what he or she is wearing. All other sportswear brands hide this information.

    What are they frightened of? All synthetic moisture-wicking sports shirts are made using toxic heavy metals and chemicals.