Golf Refugees have been talking to The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) who recently tested synthetic sport shirts.

Here is what they advise to all consumers who wear synthetic; (polyester, polyamide) sport shirts;

1.) Always wash your new synthetic sports shirt before wearing.
2.) In case of skin reaction, stop wearing your synthetic shirt
3.) Consumers should be aware that synthetic sport shirts are a source of possible dangerous chemicals for people and the environment.
4.) When playing active sports which induce friction and or sweating it is better to wear a white cotton t-shirt underneath to avoid direct contact with the skin.

You may feel the last point is a bit strong and unnecessary. So why are they saying it?
Here is a list of the metals they test for on synthetic sport shirts;
nickel, lead, chromium, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, copper and mercury

During testing lead, antimony, nickel and chromium were all extracted with a sweat solution to stimulate active wear. The risk here is not to the environment but for the people who wear the shirts.

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  1. You could just wear an organic cotton golf shirt and then you don't have to worry about sweating with toxic chemicals. Safer for you and your children.