What is carbon neutral apparel?

The carbon footprint of a product is the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases; methane, nitrous oxide, emitted due to manufacture and distribution.
Greenhouse gases are so-called because they trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and keep the planet warm.

A good example is the new lingerie factory in
Sri Lanka, who make carbon neutral bras for British retailer Marks & Spencer.
The factory has many energy-saving features including evaporative cooling, carefully designed windows to provide enough natural light for stitching and turf roofs. Electricity is supplied from renewable sources; hydro power plant and on-site solar panels.

Golf Refugees hand-dyed in
Britain polo shirts are carbon neutral.

I can’t think of a single golf tournament or golf professional who uses carbon neutral apparel.

If say a golf tournament supplied their officials and volunteers with carbon neutral polo shirts they could save 1.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide based upon 200 polo shirts.

It just takes a different mindset from the governing bodies of golf and tournament organizers to realize there are carbon neutral products out there.

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