What should women do at ‘The Masters', with no women members allowed for the past 80 years at Augusta National Golf Club?

This year they have a gender dilemma at board room level.

Usually the CEO’s of their main sponsors; Exxon Mobil Corp, AT&T Inc and IBM are all invited to join the club.

Certainly the previous four CEO’s of IBM have all become members; however will Ginni Rometty be given the same honor this year?

Solution; women at Augusta should wear beards and shout 'no women here'.

Just like the scene from Monty Python's 'Life of Brian';
Mother - Ah, how I hate wearing beards.
Brian - Why aren't women allowed to go to stonings, mum?
Mother - It's written, that's why.
Beard and stone seller - Psst! Beard, madam?

It sounds absurd. But so does golf in the 21 st Century allowing a major championship to be held at a club who prevent women becoming members.

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