How do you make golf and golfers more fashionable?

One solution would be to break the traditional roll of agents and managers seeking contracts with major sports apparel brands for their golf stars. If you are contracted to one of these top sport apparel brands you are going to be kitted out in garish polyester from head to toe. How fashionable is that?

You’ll also look like a ‘clone’, as there will be thousands of similar outfits being worn by other sports stars and paraded on the racks of plastic sport retailers.

There is an obvious solution.

If I were a talented young golf star with an interest in fashion. I’d pop down to my local art college and make friends with their up-and-coming fashion design students. It’s a win win situation. The fashion designers get exposure for their new collections and the golf stars get an imaginative ‘look’.

Perhaps agents and managers could even strike a deal between their golf stars and individual fashion designers. 

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