When you look at golf apparel take a quick peak at the label. After all when you make a purchase you are not only representing the brand and star golfers who wear it, but you are also supporting the industries behind the materials and processes used to make the garments.

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that are friendly for the environment. This means that the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers are restricted. Organic farming uses beneficial insects to control pests and weeds are removed by human hand not by chemicals.

Golf Refugees use Soil Association certified organic cotton making sure that your golf apparel is natural and ethically made.

If you see polyester and made in China on your golf apparel label it will use one of these; a chemical factory.

This is the Fujia-Dahua paraxylene plant.

Paraxylene (PX) is a common chemical used to produce terephthalic acid for the manufacture of polyester. Although PX is toxic and combustible, the benzene and hydrogen sulfide used in the production process of paraxylene are even more toxic.

In 2011 high tides destroyed the plant’s flood banks and swept away containers of dangerous chemicals.

Would you rather live next to an organic cotton farm or a chemical factory? Would you rather wear organic cotton or polyester next to your skin when playing golf?

We all need to play a part in preserving the environment for the future of golf.


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