Have you ever asked yourself why big apparel brands, star golfers and popular golf magazines all want you to buy polyester polo shirts?

For apparel brands polyester is dirt cheap to make, especially if you select countries where you can legally pay textile workers less than a living wage and environmental protection regulations are non-existent.

Producing polyester is a test-tube operation. You take some terephthalic acid mix it with dimethylterephalate and then add heavy metal antimony trioxide to speed up the whole process.

Then locate factories that can pump as much pollution into the atmosphere and wash away toxic sludge into local rivers to reduce manufacturing costs to the bare bones.

Offer leading golfers a small fortune to wear your shirts.

Well would any of us turn down 'loads of money' to wear polyester, even if we didn’t like the shirt's ethical values?

Popular golf magazines rely on advertising revenue from apparel brands to survive. No editor is going to turn his back on a series of full page ads just because of concerns about sweatshop labour and climate change.

There you have it, a formula for success.


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