Wimbledon is still going on and pictures of golf stars; the Great White Shark and the Golden Bear visiting the All England Club have been circulating the British media.
Jack mentioned to the BBC he had 'special grass’ back home in Florida, better than he could find in south London. Our finest metropolitan drug officers held back while Jack continued to explain he has three grass lawn tennis courts which he regularly smoked a few backhands down the line.

When questioned about Tiger, he said Tiger is an endangered species, but feels he will return to flourish again. It would be devastating if injuries forced Tiger out of the game.

Rory the young lion is a great kid with bags of talent.

Jack reminisced about himself and Tom Watson, all losing tournaments down the homeward stretch. How important it was to learn how they lost and then how to win.

He later went onto say that he’d love a Rory curly mop syrup.


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