Here at Golf Refugees we like a little bit of science and nature. We know some of the jargon to conduct experiments, such as ‘double blind tests’ and feel confident our research can stand upto peer scrutiny.

Now, we’ve all heard how the latest technology can add yards to your game, whether this is from a new multi-layer ball or super-hot faced driver. With the meteoric rise of Rory McIlroy, Golf Refugees have sent their intrepid player to investigate whether donning a Rory style curly mop can increase your golfing ability.

Our methodology focused on tests conducted over a few days using the following clubs; wedge, 6 iron, 4 iron, hybrid and driver. Measurements were taken of distance and accuracy when striking a golf ball. The same tests were performed on different days at the same venue with the same clubs, at a similar time with an identical level of consumed food and beverages to reduce variables.

To sumarise, donning a Rory style curly mop can increase your playing ability, in terms of both added distance and accuracy. Psychometric tests provided additional research material of increased brain activity and personality changes. One short sighted local even asked for an autograph which had a profound effect.

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  1. Apparently it's between Cherly Cole and myself for the next L'Oreal hair commercial.