What’s your favourite golf course?

My favourite is Baron Hill golf club in Beaumaris. It’s not particularly expensive or exclusive, but I have many fond memories of playing Baron Hill as a youngster.

The first hole has a brow which you need to drive over in order to benefit from the down slope to gain those extra few yards. That leaves a tricky second shot to the small elevated green.

Being in Wales, sheep are used to keep the grass down on the fairways. Spiked shoes unfortunately act as skewers for the abundant sheep droppings.

Next are the longer second, third and fourth holes which all use the same patch of sloping land for a fairway. Golfers tee off in either a north or south direction depending upon which hole you are playing. Errant tee shots can make you play your approach shot from 4 th fairway, when playing the second hole. It can feel like a ‘tour of duty’, with golf balls flying above your head as you negotiate the gorse bunkered land. There’s also the additional hazard of a brooke, which is either before the green on the 2 nd or after the tee on the uphill 3 rd.

The best hole is the short par 4 dog-leg.right sixth. You only require a modest tee shot to reach the elevated plateau fairway. But sufficient tee shot height is required to clear the rocky out crop to reach the promised land. The narrow plateau fairway provides a good view of the small green, which is protected by a large tree and an out of bounds animal farm on the right. There’s always a noisy reception from the local rooster which can distract your attention.

The modest clubhouse provides an excellent view of the first hole and beautiful scenes of the Isle of Anglesey.


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