I’m sure you all know that it’s Earth week.

To commemorate this eco initiative, Golf Refugees are submitting proposals to the governing bodies of golf (USGA and R&A) to revise their Rules of Golf to incorporate ‘green’ measures.

If you support our eco proposals below, please submit your comments and we’ll include your name with our submission.

Eco Golf Rules;

All tournament approved golf balls should contain a minimum 25% recycled materials.

All tournament golf courses to submit and implement detailed five year plans to reduce water consumption and fertilizer usage by 10% per year.

All tournament officials to wear uniforms made by recycled materials and/or meet carbon neutral manufacturing status.

Please support Golf Refugees in our efforts to persuade the governing bodies of tournament golf to include eco golf rules.


  1. There are currently no environmental policies from the governing bodies of golf in their publication 'Rules of Golf'. Help us to persuade them to embrace eco golf rules for the future of golf.

  2. It's certainly in the best interest of anyone passionate about the game... not to mention anyone making a living by it... to advocate for this.

  3. We have posted this discussion 'eco golf rules' on some Linkedin golf groups. So far the response has been negative. 'Too many rules already etc.' But surely if there are going to be new rules they should be eco golf rules.

  4. Wow, it sounds good.Nice rules and being people already sticking to many rules they may fins=d it difficult first to cope with but anyway they will go ahead with it in the future.

  5. Support 'eco golf rules' get involved and post your comments;