Last week I met Melissa Reid, arguably the best female golfer in Europe, and yes I was a little bit nervous.

Thinking about our meeting, I definitely talked, rambled on way too much, even cutting Melissa off a couple of times. In contrast Mel had a very relaxed, quiet persona. She probably thought it was like watching Peter Snow on election night.

After traveling the World with an entourage of thirteen experts under the guidance of Sir Clive Woodward, playing with some of the best golfers and footballers, a little meeting with a golf refugee is no great shakes.

My overriding impression of her is that she is a genuine sporting star. Someone who has trained and perfected a path to sporting greatness. Naturally not wanting to be out done I talked about my own sporting achievements.

This can be summed up by three little plastic trophies on my bedroom window ledge.

So there you are the pro and the plonker.


  1. she definitely seems like a grounded individual for the fame and success she has recieved. Speaks to her true talent!
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  2. Thanks Alison, we'll check out 'atomicreach - reading the green'.