The European Tour aficionados are set to penalise Henrik Stenson and Miguel ‘Anger’ Jimenez over their recent club throwing incidents.

What would be the appropriate punishment?

A fine for those who are already very rich? A ruler across the knuckles? How about the slipper? It all sounds stupid to us.

What’s wrong with players showing their frustration out on the course? It makes them seem more human to fans and supporters. Better to vent their anger than bottle it all up and take it out on their partners or prostitutes.

Golf needs more characters not more silent robots.

How about penalising golfers who are too boring? If the blazers insist upon taking action for “conduct unbecoming a professional”, which they probably will. How about a stint of community service? A few hours teaching ‘rubbish’ golfers how to play, party and behave.


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