Jack Nicklaus on the rules of golf:

“Probably the whole book of the rules of golf should be changed. If you try to figure it out, it should be common sense, yet common sense never seems to prevail. A USGA rules official said that it was much more difficult to pass the test to be a rules official than it was to pass the bar exam. There’s no reason for that. The game should be simple. People should be able to understand the rules and the rules should be common sense.”

Golf Refugees totally agree with ‘The Golden Bear.’ It has been an empire building, money grabbing exercise for blazer wearing aficionados with the mentality of ‘why have one rule when you can have hundreds.'

There should now be an exercise to write a concise 'rules of golf’; a couple of pages would suffice. Where all golfers have the opportunity to read, understand and remember.


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