Here’s our ‘bin bag’ at the prestigious Wentworth Golf Club, where even the fairways smell of money. They probably didn’t know what is was, so the officials waved it through security.

The idea for a disposable golf bag came about from when we invited some of our skateboarder friends to try golf. Unfortunately the crazy rules of golf only allow you to share clubs but not a golf bag. Hence we thought about a really simple foldable bag that could hold just a few clubs and balls. At the end of the day or week, you could chuck it in the bin.

With our experience of developing the original heat absorbing black golf ball, we had some concerns that the black bin bag, made from part recycled materials, would melt on very hot summer days. Product testing involved us hanging bin bags on trees during the summer to see if it suffered from heat stroke.

Here’s what Patricia Hannigan aka Golf Girl Media said;
"Golf Refugees bin bag, in fact, is one of the most awesome and innovative golf inventions ever. In history. It's an ultra-light, disposable Sunday bag, and it's what I'll be using... from now till the courses close for winter... to carry my reduced arsenal of three woods, two irons, wedge and putter."



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