Even though our golfing hero, Maurice Flitcroft was banned by the R&A for posting a record high score at the Open, Golf Refugees thought we’d enter him under the noses of the R&A geeks, at their Virtual Open competition, (http://www.opengolf.com/)

To avoid disqualification we used one of Maurice’s pseudonyms; James Beau Jolly. Off we trotted to the first tee. Now we all know that Maurice had a few problems controlling his sticks, well the virtual James Beau Jolly had a few problems controlling his mouse.

On the tricky 5th, four successive drives met unplayable lies. There’s a maximum of ten shots permitted before the game moves you to the next hole. James had a slightly better spell at the start of the back nine but again hit trouble on the notorious 17th ‘Road Hole’.

Posting a record score of 144 for eighteen holes, this left the computer no choice but to label James Beau Jolly as a ‘hack’. 

With the leading score in the clubhouse being an incredible 59, this left Maurice 85 shots behind after the first round and hoping for more favourable playing conditions.

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