No Denim on the golf course. That old chestnut.

But what do they, the middle-aged men in blazers, mean when they say no denim? After all denim is just dyed cotton. Do they mean no one can wear dyed cotton? Or do they really mean no jeans?

To try and shed light on this matter Golf Refugees made themselves some trousers out of denim. We used 10 oz organic denim fabric (dyed indigo cotton) to give our trousers that authentic look.

Off we went playing golf at some of the posh private golf clubs in the shires of middle England.

We even asked some of the local members what they thought of our strides. We received some very complimentary comments. It was only when we told them we were wearing ‘denim’ that the blazers asked us to leave the golf course.

So there you are. You can wear dyed cotton as long as you don’t mention the word denim.

Golf Refugees lovely dyed cotton golf trousers featured in Volvo magazine; jacket by Prada Sport, trousers by Golf Refugees, shoes by Church’s cap by Antoni and Alison for Kangol.

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